End of the road for everlasting Audi

Barnstaple councillor Brian Greenslade's beloved Audi has given up the ghost at last - after 523,000

Barnstaple councillor Brian Greenslade's beloved Audi has given up the ghost at last - after 523,000 miles. - Credit: Archant

Barnstaple county councillor Brian Greenslade offers faithful friend free to good home after 523,000 miles of motoring.

THE leader of North Devon Council’s trusty Audi car has finally been put out to retirement – after 523,052 miles.

For almost two decades the A6 Quatro saloon has carried county and district councillor Brian Greenslade around Devon and further afield, soldiering on far beyond the manufacturer’s wildest expectations.

“My famous car has now reached the point where engine problems mean a very big bill to get it roadworthy again so I have to retire my faithful friend after 523,502 miles and very nearly 19 years of use, of which a very big share of mileage has been to allow me to carry out my public duties,” he said.

Now, rather than see it head straight for the scrap yard, Mr Greenslade is giving the car away to anyone who can make use of it: “The car is a free gift to any Audi enthusiast, motor mechanic, school or college engineering department or motor museum who may like to take it and make something of the car,” he added.

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The North Devon Gazette has followed the car’s story, reporting in July 2009 how Mr Greenslade had clocked up some 450,000 miles and again in November 2011 when the trusty steed hit the half a million milestone. The story was even picked up by the national media.

Throughout its life the M-reg kept its original engine, gearbox and bodywork, maintained by C and R Autos in Barnstaple.

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Mr Greenslade has continued his fondness for the Audi brand by purchasing a Q3 model – with five miles on the clock.

Anyone who would like to give his Audi A6 a worthwhile home can call him on 01271 372065 or email brian.greenslade@devon.gov.uk.

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