Emergency teams find body at Hartland Quay

Missing person inquiry ongoing, but

EMERGENCY services hunting for a missing man on the North Devon coast have found a body near Hartland Quay.

The discovery was made at 2.10 this afternoon, but a police spokesman said it was too early to confirm whether the body was that of the man they had been looking for.

The alert was raised last night when a 36-year-old local man failed to return from a walk. He was last seen heading for Life Rocks wearing blue shorts.

Swansea Coastguard launched an extensive land and sea search from Speke’s Mill to Hartland Point, involving coastguard rescue teams, lifeboats and an RAF helicopter from Chivenor.

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The full-scale search was resumed at first light today. A body was discovered in the area of Hartland Quay just after lunch.

The police spokesman said at 4.45pm that the missing person inquiry was still ongoing as it could not be confirmed that the body found belonged to the man reported missing.

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“We are still making inquiries as to the cause of death and have not positively identified the body as yet,” he said.

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