Emergency accommodation for rough sleepers

North Devon Council is working with the voluntary sector to provide rough sleepers with a warm bed during cold weather.

EMERGENCY accommodation is available for people sleeping on the streets in North Devon.

North Devon Council is working in partnership with Freedom Social Projects to provide emergency accommodation when the temperature drops below zero for three consecutive nights.

Rough sleepers can seek refuge at the Freedom Centre in Barnstaple overnight with a warm breakfast in the morning for as long as the cold weather lasts.

Individuals who use this service are offered an assessment of need and can be linked into assistance from other local agencies to help them move away from rough sleeping and in to stable accommodation.

Lead Member for Housing, Councillor Brian Moores said: “Even though we do not have a large number of people sleeping rough on the streets in North Devon, we aim to do all we can to help those who are. With the recent freezing conditions North Devon has been experiencing, the accommodation is welcome relief and can mean the difference between life and death.”

Project Manager for Freedom Social Projects, Phil Noall said: “This provision is a great example of the district council and the voluntary sector working together. When you see the look of appreciation and relief on people’s faces when they enter the building it makes all the hard work worthwhile”

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Rough sleepers can get into the emergency accommodation between 8pm and 10pm. After 10pm they can gain entry by a referral from the police, hospital or the council’s out of hours team.

For advice about homelessness and housing options, call: (01271) 328870

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