‘Elf’ storage for surprise Christmas presents

Barnstaple self storage company offers a new alternative to parents wanting to keep the magic of surprises at Christmas alive.

A BARNSTAPLE self storage company has come up with an idea to help parents keep their children’s presents a surprise this year.

Dainton Self Storage in Barnstaple is offering an ‘Elf Storage’ service with a secure unit for parents to store their presents for free until Christmas Eve.

The service will be on a first-come, first-served basis and Barnstaple branch manager Andy Walker hopes it will keep the magic of Christmas alive.

He said: “As a child, I can remember how my curiosity would get the better of me at Christmas and I couldn’t resist looking in the usual hiding places for any presents my parents had stored away.

“Christmas should be a magical, exciting time for children so I thought we could help keep the surprise alive with a special container that parents can store presents in for free.”

Dainton is located on Braunton Road, Barnstaple, and the service is open to all members of the public as well as existing customers.

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