A39 Atlantic Highway near new school 'safe' after no collisions in two years

The A39 near the Atlantic Academy

The A39 near the Atlantic Academy - Credit: Google

The Atlantic Highway near a newly built school in North Devon has been declared safe after councillors were told there have been no collisions in the area in the past two years.

Following the opening of the Atlantic Academy, right off the A39 at Buck’s Cross, concerns had been raised about the lack of a crossing point and that the 40mph speed limit should be extended to cover the entrance to the school.

Councillors back in 2019 had heard an initial safety assessment had been undertaken by the highways officers, with both the extension of the speed limit and the provision of a crossing point to be reviewed through the post opening and monitoring safety audit process.

But the Torridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, which met earlier this month, heard that as a result of validated personal injury collision data for 2019 and 2020 giving 24 months of validated data for the new section of road on the A39 in the region of the Atlantic Academy, showing no reported collisions in the vicinity, there is therefore no requirement to carry out the stage 4 audit.

Dave Black, head of service for planning, transportation and environment, in his report to the meeting, said: “The review of the collision data has shown that there are no collisions, and by implication the road is considered acceptably safe in its current form. No action is required.”

The committee unanimously agreed to note the report and that no action was needed to be taken to alter or make the road safer.

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