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I thought the nautical musings of Amain Waring (or should that be A Mainwaring?) in defence of UKIP, about sailing off freely in our own little British ship rather than being tied to the European convoy (“Don’t put EU on a pedestal”, Opinion, May 22) were rather amusing.

They mention the £55million a day we pay into the EU (£20billion a year).

I wonder if they saw the letter sent to the government by the 19 most powerful business people in the country (published in The Independent, May 20), stating that leaving the EU would be an economic disaster and that membership of the EU is estimated to benefit this country by between £31billion to £93billion a year?

The naval theme also tickled me because it is well known that ships in convoy during war have a far higher chance of reaching their destination than lone merchantmen that have a much higher chance of being torpedoed.

Lots of people who voted for UKIP in the council elections did so as a ‘protest’ I suspect, which has resulted in Bideford now having two UKIP councillors.

You may also want to watch:

Gaston Dezart said in interview that he thought people should vote for the person (not the party) in local elections.

He also said he was so busy helping other candidates he didn’t have time to produce any leaflets for himself so we, the electorate, actually knew nothing about him.

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I wonder how many people looking for a dynamic change woke up to find they had unwittingly elected an 80-year-old and possibly regretted ticking that box?

After all, what is UKIP? A collection of mostly extreme right-wing oddballs with no definite policies, led by a public school, ex-City posh boy with a pound symbol as their logo.

Their backward-looking ideology is largely based on prejudice, and flies in the face of common sense.

They want to leave the EU but it would be economically disastrous to do so.

They want to cut immigration but sectors of our economy such as the NHS, transport, hotels and catering would grind to a halt without immigrant labour.

They deny climate change so they can justify cutting all green energy programmes, despite 97 to 98 per cent of scientists worldwide confirming that global warming is happening and is indeed man-made (source: NASA and Daily Telegraph).

Personally I can’t see the appeal, particularly at county level, but the voters of Bideford have made their bed and, unfortunately, we will all have to lie in it.

Stephen Jarvis


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