Torrington man pleaded guilty to drink driving as well as failing to provide a specimin in two separate incidents, court hears.

A Torrington man was involved in two separate collisions which involved alcohol.

Joel Sidley, of New Street, pleaded guilty to drink driving on March 4 after he collided with Nissan micra in Monkleigh.

He also admitted failing to provide a specimen and obstructing a police officer in their line of duty in a separate incident on June 7.

North Devon Magistrates' Court heard Sidley wrote off the Micra following the collision in March where he came round a corner on the wrong side of the road.

He was arrested and when breathalysed in custody he blew a reading of 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml of breath - dead on the drink drive limit.

But a forensic expert said as the test was taken two hours after the collision, Sidley was more like to have a breath reading of at least 47 microgrammes.

On June 7 Sidley was again driving his black Audi TT on the B3232 from Barnstaple to Torrington when he collided with the roadside bank.

A witness flagged down a passing police car which followed Sidley, but he refused to pull over and police gave up the chase for fear of a further collision.

But prosecutor Lyndsey Baker said 30 seconds later they found Sidley's car in a lay-by and when officers tried to arrest him there was a struggle.

Sidley was described as being 'animated and volatile' in custody and refused to be breathalysed despite several attempts.

Rod Ball, defending, said Sidley had a drink problem and had been offered a rehabilitation programme as he is already serving a community order.

Magistrates decided to adjourn proceedings for a full report from the probation service before sentencing.

An interim driving disqualification was imposed and Sidley was released on unconditional bail to appear again on July 15.

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