Dredge the rivers

Surely North Devon and Torridge district councils, alongside the Environmental Agency, have to consider dredging the rivers Taw and Torridge?

This would be a better use of taxpayers’ money than the enormous cost (£1million) of developing Rolle Quay.

The tons of sand between Heanton Court and Fremington Quay could easily be put on Crow Point, where the tide and wind has taken this landscape to look fragile to the point of losing Crow Point and the Lighthouse altogether.

The wind and tides would certainly cause more problems for Barnstaple if this was allowed to happen.

Additionally, taking no action to Westward Ho! pebbleridge with regards to the rubbish tip and surrounding coastline could result with people surfing in the River Taw, should both these landscapes disappear over the years.

So please, councils, consider starting dredging our rivers and maintaining our land properly. We hear on the news that Gloucester and surrounding flood problem areas are looking at dredging rivers, as was the case years ago.

So let’s show other councils the way forward and spend our money on the riverbed and maintain our land, which would benefit Rolle Quay, Braunton, Fremington, etc.

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