Dreadful eyesore

No, Mr Glaholm, the turbines do not look great (Opinion November 14), they look dreadful.

My heart sinks every time my bus rounds the bend onto the A361 off the Mullacott Cross roundabout. To see that monster to the left is horrendous. Even worse are the arrays further over.

In 2003, I passed through a forest of the things in France; far from being thrilled by them, I was horrified. At least they were on flat undistinguished farmland, unlike the area of natural beauty we have in North Devon.

Recently I travelled from Basingstoke in Hampshire to Shipston-on-Stour in the Cotswolds. For the entire 60-mile journey, I didn’t see a single turbine, and you certainly couldn’t describe much of it as of outstanding natural beauty. Neither did I see any on the 120-mile journey to Basingstoke by train.

So how come an area of outstanding beauty like North Devon is inundated with the horrors, with many more expected, whilst a huge area of undistinguished countryside to the east has none?

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The Cotswolds, of course, is David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks country. Any organisation wanting to install wind turbines there will have its collar fingered from on high.

As for the country bumpkins in Devon, they know their place, and won’t make much of a fuss. Since when did the leaders of our country take any account of the views of the peasants?

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I lived near Dartford for some years, the other side of the river from the Olympics site. Both places were despoiled by horrendous forests of massive electricity pylons taking electricity across the Thames. They’ve gone; obviously it was considered not good to display our “dirty washing” to the thousands of spectators visiting Britain.

So, no more turbines in North Devon please!

Tony Olsson


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