‘Door open’ for Fremington Camp battle

County recommends approval for highway plans but leaves option for alternatives.

A recommendation of approval has ‘left a foot in the door’ to fight highways proposals for the controversial Fremington Army Camp scheme, according to a local councillor.

Fremington Parish Council chairman Rodney Cann used his ability as county councillor to ‘call in’ the application for 277 homes to the county’s development management committee.

He said he felt the proposed site access with traffic lights was substandard for the development size and he was concerned by county officers’ ‘apparent willingness to concede to a lower design standard than would normally be expected’.

The committee recommended approval and said there was no technical highway or capacity reason why the application should not be approved.

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But it said since most of the application was within a conservation area, the county would also support a simpler junction.

“This has headed off a total recommendation for approval, leaving the door open for us to fight the battle further – and at least to get rid of the traffic lights,” said Mr Cann.

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“Local people do not want this access but they certainly don’t want lights as well. If this was a green field site, the access proposals would be dismissed out of hand.”

Mr Cann said the lights would add to congestion, badly affect the centre of the village and could lead to School Road and Mill Lane becoming rat runs.

He said English Heritage had formally objected to them, while local bus companies had stated they were not prepared provide a service to the development in its present form.

Devon county is only a consultee on planning applications and the final decision will be taken by North Devon Council.

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