Don’t put your money on MEP

And they’re off! First out of the traps is Graham Watson riding the Old Grey Mare in French and German colours as he goes around the European bend closely followed by the Mindless Donkey ridden side-by-side saddle by Labour and Conservative jockeys under a strong whip.

Biding its time at the rear is the much fancied Tomorrow’s Boy in the green strip waiting for its chance after the foreign-bred horses have had their day.

But, wait a minute! What’s happening? Out of the gloom has shot UKippy Darling ridden by Great Britain Almighty in the red, white and blue colours and the whole crown is cheering the absolute winner all the way to the finishing line!

Amongst all the punters who have lost all their money on the previous race are the ex-workers of Pilton glove factory, the M&S manufacturing outlet, Small and Tidmus, Brannam’s pottery, Shapland & Petter, Chelsea Quilt Company, the Corona Works and Clarke’s shoe factory, who have all lost their jobs because Great Britain was forced by unelected European bureaucrats to remove our import tax which protected their jobs from unfair competition.

Graham Watson, in defence of the European Parliament which he is paid to represent, trots out the old, old story that over three million jobs in the UK are linked to our membership of the European uncommon market.

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Yes, that’s right, Graham and the three million jobs have gone to the four million net emigrants who have poured into the country in the last 10 years while the rest of us have to pay the dole money and the benefits to the 600,000 unemployed EU immigrants who now live off the fat of our land.

Yes, the Grand National race is on and the much experienced Graham Watson is fighting for jobs in our area. The trouble is he is not fighting for British jobs in our area but he still expects us to put our money on him.

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TP Gidman


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