Don’t put EU on a pedestal

I can’t quite fathom in which direction Miranda Cox is coming from, by her letter on “A taxing question” (Opinion, May 8).

And although I admire her attention to detail, regarding tax evasion within the UK, thereby shifting around income to places like Bermuda, passing the buck where there is no corporation tax is dishonest to say the least.

But to have a swipe at poor old UKIP is a bit of a “living in a glass house” scenario.

To put the EU on some kind of pedestal as a beacon of tax morality and guidance beggars belief, when for the last 18 years the EU’s own auditors have refused to sign off its accounts. Guess why?

As for UKIP, and the need to be focused, UKIP is well focused on the fact that we who dwell in Perfidious Albion have the privilege of paying £55million per day for being in the European convoy, having to keep up with the slowest ship.

Instead of which we should be our own fine clipper ship, sailing wherever the trade winds may care to blow, at our own chosen speed.

Amain Waring

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