Don’t ditch the fish!

SIR - I would like to announce to readers that I have launched “Don’t Ditch the Fish”. The time for talking about discards has been and gone.

Currently, the Common Fisheries Policy is Europe’s shameful secret. It is vital that we return control of fishing policy to regions and stop making micro-decisions in Brussels.

My ‘Don’t Ditch the Fish’ plan aims to ensure fishermen do not need to discard or worry about going over quota as vulnerable fish (such as those in recovery programmes like North Sea cod) will have a higher credits rating than resilient fish from healthy stocks such as North Sea mackerel.

So fishermen will be incentivised to target the mackerel and to try and avoid cod to maintain a healthy credits balance. Immature fish will carry a higher credits value than mature fish from the same stock.

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Julie Girling

MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar

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