Don’t ban majority

If you go to Northam Burrows on any day of the year at any time and in any weather you will see well-behaved dogs, off the lead and enjoying exercise.

Why should these good dogs and their responsible owners be penalised because of a few irresponsible dog owners?

You will also see these responsible dog owners carrying little (mainly) black plastic bags of poo around that they will then drop into one of the many poo bins in and around the burrows.

If you feel so inclined, look at the poo bins and you will see that they are nearly always full.

Most dog owners are responsible.

If someone was on the burrows driving irresponsibly – it does happen – the authorities would not ban all cars from the burrows. They would try and identify the irresponsible car driver. The same should happen with dogs.

I hope that people will object to these orders. This does not mean that I support owners whose dog is out of control or who does not pick up after their dog.

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In fact, as a dog owner who walks many miles with my dog, I am more likely to tread in dog’s mess than most other people.

It just means that my collie (who focuses on nothing else as long as she has a stick or a ball to chase), and all those other well behaved dogs, should be allowed to exercise on a wide open local space.

Steve Sullivan


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