Dog terror thanks

Last Wednesday, an incident occurred when my six-month-old Staffy ran amok in Westward Ho! after the metal link on her lead broke.

As I attempted to run after her, I became very flustered, shocked and frightened that I might hear a screech of a car and I would see ‘my little girl’ lying in the middle of the road. My concerns were on her totally and not on the little child that she jumped up to and frightened.

After I had returned home and calmed down, it dawned on me that it could have been quite terrifying for a small child and, although it was not planned at all to let my dog of her lead, I am sorry that this happened.

I will always be very grateful to the people who caught her and held onto her and through our local paper (to whom I too am really grateful), I would like to send my true, sincere apologies to the family and hope that their child will not have a lasting effect of being frightened of dogs in the future.

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