Councillor condemns ‘mindless destruction’ of dog control signs on Torridge’s Blue Flag beach.

The removed dog signs.The removed dog signs.

Seven dog control signs have been torn off walls and railings at Westward Ho! beach.

The signs advised residents and visitors of the exclusion of dogs from certain parts of Westward Ho! beach during May to September.

They had only been in place a short while and will now have to be replaced at a further cost to Torridge District Council.

Councillor Peter Le Maistre, ward member for Westward Ho! said: "I really fail to understand the mindless destruction and lack of consideration for other people that some people demonstrate through acts such as this.

The removed dog signs.The removed dog signs.

"The Blue Flag status of the beach is something we are proud of in Westward Ho! and I'm sure it also acts as a draw for many people to holiday here during the summer and at other times of the year.

"Many businesses depend on this tourism and this in turn supports many jobs in the area.

"Since this is a targeted piece of vandalism we must assume it is a protest against the dog ban.

"However it is not as though there is a complete ban on dog walking, but it would seem that some people are selfish enough to want to claim the whole beach for themselves rather than share it in a managed and more inclusive way.

"If anyone has any information on how this occurred we would like them to contact the council."

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