A gig club had the priviledge of making the first voyage into Richmond Dry Dock since 2005.

FOR the first time in seven years Richmond Dry Dock opened its gates for the first vessel to enter.

And the honour fell to Appledore gig club as members rowed their gig, Siren, into the recently excavated dock.

Len White, chairman of the gig club, said: “It was a really proud moment for us; Mr Evans of Richmond Dock was kind enough to invite us to row into the docks and see it up close.

“I worked in the ship yard all my life but I’d never had chance to go into Richmond Dock; we were delighted.”

The dock hasn’t been used since 2005, and has recently been leased to Gareth Evans of FTD Marine Ltd.

The company will use the dock to mainly repair and dismantle unused vessels.

Members of CASH (celebrating Appledore’s shipping heritage) and FTD Marine Ltd were all on hand to witness the occasion as the gig entered the dock.