Find out who is standing for Torridge District Council in the May elections in your ward here.

The candidates for the Torridge District Council seats have been announced ahead of the May 7 elections.

Four seats are uncontested, but the other 32 will be up for grabs at the polling stations next month.

You can vote for your district councillor on May 7, at the same time as voting the town or parish elections, and General Election.

To find out how to register to vote before the April 20 deadline, click here.

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APPLEDORE (two seats)

Davis, Kenny (UKIP)

Eastman, Andrew (Cons)

Edwards, Barry (Cons)

Hames, Peter (Green)

Jackson, Jim (Cons)

BIDEFORD EAST (three seats)

Cragie, Ruth (Lab)

Davies, Pauline (Ind)

Dezart, Gaston (UKIP)

Langmead, Mervyn (Cons)

Pagett, Steve (Green)

Robinson, Sam (UKIP)

BIDEFORD NORTH (three seats)

Brenton, Annie (Lab)

Bushby, Doug (Ind)

Christie, Peter (Green)

James, Michael (Lab)

Johns, Trevor (Lib Dem)

McGeough, Dermot (Cons)

Peter, Phil (Cons)

BIDEFORD SOUTH (three seats)

Brenton, David (Lab & CoOp)

Craigie, James (Lab & CoOp)

Day, Joe (Lab & CoOp)

Inch, Simon (Cons)

Inch, Tony (Cons)

Wootton, Bob (Lib Dem)

BROADHEATH (one seat) - uncontested

Watson, Pete (Cons)

CLINTON (one seat)

Douglas-Mann, William (Green)

Wiseman, Richard (Ind)

CLOVELLY BAY (one seat) - uncontested

Julian, Robin (UKIP)

COHAM BRIDGE (one seat)

Hackett, Philip (Cons)

Tabor, Gaye (Ind)

FOREST (one seat)

Gregorek, Zyg (Cons)

Middleton, Jonathan (Green)


Dart, Anna (Ind)

Maynard, Jill (Green)

Whittle, Alan (UKIP)

HOLSWORTHY (two seats)

Alchorn, Brian (UKIP)

Carroll, Ken (Cons)

Parker, Ian (Cons)

Ratledge, Howard (Lib Dem)

Sanders, John (Green)

KENWITH (one seat)

Boyle, Alison (Cons)

Sargent, Derek (UKIP)


Funnell, Ruth (Green)

Parry, Ben (Cons)

Pennington, Phil (Ind)

NORTHAM (three seats)

Hancock, Richard (UKIP)

Himan, John (Cons)

Miller, Richard (Ind)

Rowe, Irene (Lab)

Whittaker, Jane (Cons)

ORCHARD HILL (one seat)

Langton-Lockton, Johnny (Cons)

Leather, Chris (UKIP)


Douglas-Mann, Gill (Green)

Hurley, David (Cons)

TAMARSIDE (one seat) - uncontested

James, Kenneth (Ind)

THREE MOORS (one seat)

Jones, Colin (Green)

Lock, Rosemary (Cons)

TORRINGTON (three seats)

Brown, M

Claydon, Sharon (Cons)

Darch, Roger (UKIP)

Funnell, Keith (Green)

Hewitt, Penelope (Green)

Martin, Harold (Cons)

Pitts, John (UKIP)

Simmons, Cathrine (Green)

TWO RIVERS (one seat) - uncontested

Morrish, James (Cons)

WALDON (one seat)

Hicks, Robert (Ind)

Lowe, Jim (Ind)

WESTWARD HO! (one seat)

Jordan, Chris (Green)

Le Maistre, Peter (Cons)

Tisdale, Roger (Ind)

WINKLEIGH (one seat)

Boundy, Betty (Cons)

Flockhart, Gail

Glanville, Jake (Green)

Kane, John (Lib Dem)

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