Town sees reinstatement of ‘dispersal order’ powers for police to move on town centre troublemakers during the summer.

POLICE powers to move on potential troublemakers have been reinstated in Torrington for the summer season.

The ‘section 30 dispersal order’ will run until September 10 and gives police officers or PCSOs a legal power to disperse groups of two or more causing, or likely to cause, antisocial behaviour within the town centre.

The order covers the High Street plus Fore, South and Potacre streets, Whites Lane, part of New Street, Castle Hill Street, Barley Grove and South Street car parks.

If those moved on breach the order and return to the area within 24 hours they can be arrested.

The measures are tried and tested, with the order granted by Torridge District Council following an application from the police.

“We are pleased to see in conjunction with the local council that Torrington has reaped the benefits of its status as a safe town to live work and socialise within,” said Sergeant Helen Rowell of the Torrington neighbourhood policing team.

“Torrington is a busy town with a cultural and historic base which attracts large numbers of visitors, particularly during the summer. “We’re keen to stress that this order is utilised to ensure the enjoyment and safety of the large majority visiting and using the town centre and is fully supported by the council, residents and business owners.”