Torrington couple celebrate 60 years together - and reveal their secrets to a long and happy marriage.

‘Give and take’ and always talking are the secrets to a long and happy marriage – according to one couple celebrating their diamond anniversary.

Cyril and Olive Milburn said ‘I do’ on October 8, 1955, at a church in Troutbeck in the Lake District.

Cyril, 86 and Olive, 85, met by chance at a hospital.

Olive said: “Cyril was visiting his brother, who had a broken leg, and I was visiting a boy from our village who had broken his leg.

“Cyril played football on the opposing team to my brother.

“I went to a match and he came across and asked me out.”

The couple had two children, Peter, born in 1957, and Joy, born in 1962. They lived in Lancashire for some time where they ran a newsagents, before moving to Torrington.

Olive added: “Cyril was stationed down here when he was with the RAF for two years and we always wanted to come back.”

The couple ran a clothing business before Cyril began working for the gas board.

They lived in Well Street for 36 years, but when Cyril developed dementia they decided to move to Abbeyfield’s Glen Tor.

Olive said: “It is lovely here; our house is very nice and we have made a lot of friends.

“For our anniversary they made us a beautiful cake with the same coloured flowers as my wedding bouquet.”

And when asked what the secret was to their 60 years? “We love each other, always have,” said Cyril.