Northam couple received a telegram from the Queen to celebrate 60 years of marriage.

A couple from Northam are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

Harry and Beryl Snow reached 60 years of marriage on Thursday, receiving a telegram from the Queen.

The couple met when Beryl, who is now 85, took a job at the engineering firm in Birmingham that Harry worked for.

Harry, 83, recalled getting ready one of their first dates.

“I went to put my clothes on and I said to my mum: ‘Where’s my suit?’. She said ‘oh I’ve taken it to the cleaners’, I said ‘Well my money’s in the pocket!’”

“I got there and met her. I said, ‘We can’t go to the pictures tonight, the cleaners have got my money!’”

The couple have lived in North Devon for 45 years, after leaving Birmingham for Hartland.

They have three children, six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

When asked what the secret to 60 years of successful marriage was, Harry said: “You’ve got to give and take. We’ve got a good family around us as well, we couldn’t wish for a better one.”

Beryl added: “There’s no parting us, we stick together.”