Public asked to keep an eye out for any suspicious people, incidents or behaviour

Following the tragic events in Paris, Devon and Cornwall Police is asking people in the region to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious.

The death toll from the three terrorist attacks on Friday night now stands at 132.

Police said although the threat level remains ‘severe’ there is currently no specific intelligence to suggest a threat to the UK or locally.

They said public should not be alarmed but it is important everyone remained alert and was vigilant to any suspicious persons, incidents or behaviour.

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Middleton said: “To help maintain public reassurance and confidence the force is increasing visible patrols, particularly at sensitive sites and key areas of the force to ensure that people feel safe to go about their daily lives.

“We are working closely with our communities and partners to offer reassurance and advice following the attack in Paris.

“We greatly value our relationship with our public and the trust that exists to enable us to work together. We are dependent on information from our communities, whether it concerns suspicious persons or activity.

“We can all play a role in making our communities safer by remaining vigilant and informing the police immediately of any activity that arouses suspicion.”