Charity needs female volunteers to help with rape and sexual assault victims’ support helpline in Barnstaple and Exeter.

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services (RCSAS) is looking for women volunteers.

Devon RCSAS is a voluntary organisation that offers a range of free and confidential specialist support services to women (aged 13 years and above) in Devon who have experienced rape or sexual violence.

It also provides a more limited range of support to young men.

All volunteers will carry out support on the telephone helpline and email support service either in Barnstaple or Exeter, and there is also the possibility of carrying out face-to-face specialist support in the area where they live.

They will also need to attend the volunteer supervision and development meetings which take place once a month in Exeter.

The training programme runs over six months and it is accredited by Ascentis Awards.

As well as the accredited training, there will be continual training opportunities and the chance to join in and represent the organisation at events.

The deadline for applications is June 30. If you are interested, visit

For any further questions, contact Anna on 01392 208756.