Devon County Council Elections: Candidate lists for North Devon and Torridge

County Hall in Exeter, home of Devon County Council

County Hall in Exeter, home of Devon County Council - Credit: Daniel Clark

The full list of candidates who are standing for election to Devon County Council has been announced. 

Elections will take place for all 60 seats on Devon County Council on Thursday, May 6, with voters going to the polls to elect their representatives for the next four years. 

The entirety of the 60-strong council will be up for re-election, with 56 ‘single-member’ Electoral Divisions and 2 ‘two-member’ Divisions’. 

The current composition of the council consists of 41 Conservatives, 7 Labour, 6 Liberal Democrats, 3 Independents, 1 Green Party, 1 East Devon Alliance and 1 North Devon Liberal.

All elected councillors will serve their usual four-year term upon their election.

More than a quarter of the council will change, with 17 current councillors not standing for re-election, including the current chairman of the council Stuart Barker and cabinet member Barry Parsons, as well as the former leader of the council Brian Greenslade.

The Conservatives and Labour are the only parties who are fielding the maximum of 60 candidates, with the Liberal Democrats fielding 58.

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The Green Party are fielding 45 candidates, with one from UKIP, five from Reform UK, and 20 from the Freedom Alliance, who are standing on a platform of ‘no lockdowns, no curfews'.

The East Devon Alliance have three candidates, the Trade Unionist and Social Coalition have six, while there are 28 Independent candidates.

Below is the list of candidates who are standing, with the * denoting where they are the sitting councillor who is up for re-election.


Barnstaple North 

John Agnew (Labour) 

Robbie Mack (Green Party) 

Rob Pet (Freedom Alliance) 

Ian Roome (Liberal Democrats) 

Natasha Vukic (Conservatives) 

Barnstaple South  

Lou Goodger (Green Party) 

Philip Hawkins (Labour) 

David Hoare (Conservative) 

Josie Knight (Freedom Alliance) 

Caroline Leaver (Liberal Democrats) 

David Luggar (Independent) 

Braunton Rural

Mark Cann (Labour) 

Stewart Johnstone (Freedom Alliance) 

Pru Maskell (Conservatives) 

David Relph (Green Party) 

Liz Spear (Liberal Democrats) 

Chulmleigh and Landkey 

Valerie Cann (Labour) 

Paul Henderson (Conservatives) 

Turtle Knight (Freedom Alliance) 

Glyn Lane (Independent) 

Philip Mason (Independent) 

Victoria Nel (Liberal Democrats) 

Nick Withers (Green Party) 

Combe Martin Rural 

Katherine Armitage (Freedom Alliance) 

Oliver Bell (Labour) 

Andrea Davis (Conservatives) * 

Julie Hunt (Liberal Democrats) 

Steven White (Green Party)

Fremington Rural 

Frank Biederman (Independent) * 

Stephen Jarvis (Green Party) 

Finola Oneill (Labour) 

Scott Paddon (Conservatives) 

Paddy Sullivan (Freedom Alliance) 

Helen Walker (Liberal Democrats) 


Cecily Blyther (Labour) 

Paul Crabb (Conservatives) * 

Syed Jusef (Liberal Democrats) 

Lesley Mason (Freedom Alliance) 

Netti Pearson (Green Party) 

South Molton 

Steve Cotton (Independent) 

Steven Hinchcliffe (Labour) 

Gill Saunders (Green Party) 

Val Schenn (Freedom Alliance) 

Alex White (Liberal Democrats) 

Jeremy Yabsley (Conservatives) * 


Bideford East  

Annie Brenton (Labour) 

James Craigie (Independent) 

Will Douglas-Mann (Green Party) 

Jude Gubb (Independent) 

Linda Hellyer (Conservatives) * 

Stephen Potts (Liberal Democrats) 

Bideford West and Hartland  

Dylan Billson (Labour) 

Bert Bruins (Liberal Democrats) 

Keith Funnell (Green Party) 

Joel Herron (Independent) 

Tony Inch (Independent) * 

Paul Jelf (Freedom Alliance) 

Robin Julian (Independent) 

Jeffrey Wilton-Love (Conservatives) 


David Chalmers (Liberal Democrats) 

Leonard Ford (Independent) 

Simon Mathers (Green Party) 

Dermot McGeough (Conservatives) 

Jake McLean (Labour)

Holsworthy Rural  

Claire Davey-Potts (Liberal Democrats) 

Jim Lowe (Labour) 

James Morrish (Conservatives) 

Cathrine Simmons (Green Party) 

Pete Watson (Independent)

Torrington Rural

Chris Bright (Liberal Democrats) 

Ruth Funnell (Green Party) 

Andrew Saywell (Conservatives) * 

Siobhan Stride (Labour) 

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