A new night-time air ambulance landing site is now operational in the Langtree.

The village's recreation field joins an ever-growing network of sites where Devon Air Ambulance crews can reach patients during the hours of darkness, becoming the 26th in North Devon.

The floodlighting, installed last week, illuminates the landing area and allows medical teams to see clearly as they assess and treat patients. The lights are switched on remotely by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services dispatcher by calling a control box connected to the landing site.

Mark Glover, chairman of Langtree Parish Council, said: "Our local community has worked very hard to get a night landing light for Langtree and it is fantastic that this has succeeded with the installation of a new light and landing site in the village.

"This location is central to Langtree parish and surrounding area and is there to support the emergency services as and when needed.

"This project has brought the whole community together to support a service which is essential in this part of Devon."