Determined duo win North Devon Fitness Challenge

TWO local ladies have emerged as the winners of the charity Get North Devon Fit Challenge organised by Barnstaple personal trainer Marc Kent.

The owner of the Marc Kent Health and Fitness boot camp at Roundswell could not decide between Louise Woodbridge and Beverly Martin, so in the end chose both, since they had gained startling results in very different ways.

In the process the challenge also raised �2,780, to be divided between Help for Heroes and Devon Air Ambulance.

“In the end it was a close call between two ladies,” said Marc, a former Royal Marine.

“I couldn’t separate them and decided to split the prize between the two of them. While they both followed my EAT Smart Diet program, Louise lost her weight through personal training and Bev did the entire challenge at home by following the Movement Based Fitness Training program that everyone received.

“I know personal training at my gym gets great results, but it was the fact Bev stuck to the home program and also got amazing results that was brilliant.”

Louise, who lost a stone, found her exercise was restricted after she developed knee problems, so signed up with Marc’s Weight Loss Challenge.

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“He gave me a programme of fitness training and really pushed me to achieve my best,” she said.

“This really toned me up. I also followed his eating plan and during the challenge lost 10 per cent of my starting weight. It also really helped my self esteem and confidence because I know I look good. I enjoyed the exercise and best of all, no knee problems!”

Bev described herself as “a yo-yo dieter” but found the new programme suited her perfectly and she soon noticed a difference, dropping two dress sizes by the end of the challenge:

“I’m so looking forward to carrying on this way of life because I know that I can eat and exercise this way as a choice,” she said.

“I love the food, I’ve rediscovered the pleasure in cooking properly and I love the small bursts of intense exercise instead of trying to find an hour to slog away on the treadmill.

“I’m so thankful I saw the Get North Devon Fit campaign in the paper and decided to have one last go at getting my weight under control. Not only have I started along that path, but I’ve rediscovered a zest for life buried deep in a lack of self confidence because of my weight.”

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