Fire fighters have asked people to remain vigilant around derelict buildings after two fires in the space of one day.

Fire fighters are asking people to be 'more observant that normal' after two derelict building fire in one day.

Crews from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called to a derelict building fire in Wellington, Somerset, and another in Bideford on Saturday.

The Bideford blaze saw crews from Bideford, Barnstaple, South Molton and Torrington, plus an incident command unit from Ilfracombe, called to the scene near Rose Hill Activity Centre.

Abandoned buildings can pose several challenges for firefighters, and they are now asking people to remain vigilant.

Hazards such as structural collapse, exposure to electricity, missing floorboards and more can cause issues when fighting fires in derelict buildings.

Paul Bray, fire protection manager, said: "Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are asking that during the school holiday period everybody who lives, works or passes near to a derelict building becomes even more observant than normal and if anything suspicious is seen then to contact the police.

"The service is encouraging parents to be aware of where their children are and what they are up to during the summer break.

"Derelict buildings can be seen as playgrounds and young people do not understand the danger they are putting themselves and the emergency services in."

Lee Howell, chief fire officer and chairman of the national arson prevention forum, said: "Arson is a crime and places unnecessary risk to those involved and to firefighters who respond to deal with the impact of deliberate fire setting.

"At the same time, while the fire service is dealing with fires in unoccupied and derelict buildings, we are tying up valuable resources that may be needed at other emergencies.

"We urge anyone with information as to who may be setting these fires to call the police or crimestoppers immediately."

If anyone sees any suspicious activity then they should call the emergency services immediately on 999.

Starting fires can sometimes be seen as 'pranks' but they can lead to very serious consequences for any victims and offenders alike, warned the fire service.

If anyone has any information about fires no matter how big or small please telephone crimestoppers on 0800 555111 where they can give details completely anonymously.