Democracy it ain’t

In October last year the Gazette published an article about Nick Harvey MP submitting a petition to the secretary of state for energy and climate Change about the Atlantic Array offshore wind farm.

He made a big thing about the fact that there were 227 signatures, and said he was presenting it as an indicator of the strength of feeling this project is causing. He obviously thought this would be a vote-winner.

I recently wrote to him about the government’s bill to allow same-sex marriage, telling him that the number who had signed the petition against redefining marriage was over 610,000 (since then it has increased to 630,000), which showed the huge strength of feeling against this move.

I said that the government had no mandate for this bill, and asked him to vote against it. He did reply, sidestepping the issue, as politicians do, and on Tuesday voted for it.

Stonewall, the homosexual lobby group, estimated that the changes which would have to be made if this becomes law would cost up to £5billion.

Yet three weeks ago the government announced over 5,000 further redundancies in our ever weakening army, supposedly because we can’t afford them.

How many soldiers would £5billion pounds keep employed, and how many of those from Chivenor will lose their jobs instead?

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The government has admitted that teachers could lose their jobs if they refuse to endorse same-sex marriage in schools, and that will include local teachers. There are other huge changes this law will force on society, but does that bother Nick Harvey?

I know a lot of people locally who signed the petition, and yet it seems their opinions are irrelevant, and not worth considering.

I am against the Atlantic Array, but somehow, for him, 630,000 signatures don’t count, and 227 do. This is not democracy, it’s hypocrisy.

J Bishopp


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