A quirky short film about death after life is set to be filmed in Lynmouth this March.

Deadweight is being filmed on location by a group of Portsmouth University final year students and they hope the finished version will do the rounds of film festivals later this year.

It is also hoped that one day the concept might become a television show, in the quirky modern supernatural vein of Being Human or Misfits.

The plot follows businessman Danny, who wakes up confused on a beach, with no memory of how he got there.

He meets flippant medium Kyra, who decides to help him, but she knows something he doesn't - he's dead.

The dark comedy will reveal the secrets hidden not only by Danny, but Kyra too and is set to be filmed on Lynmouth seafront as well as its High Street area and two inside locations.

The crew is currently crowdfunding to meet their expenses and hope people in North Devon will show their support before filming begins on March 1.

Deadweight is directed by Reece Armstrong and produced by Chris Bennett, with award-winning director of photography Josh ward looking after the cinematography.

Reece said they were keen to keep raising awareness of the film and also to promote the crowdfunding, if people wished to help.

In the run up to filming, Deadweight hoodies and bags will be given away via the Deadweight Facebook page.

Reece said they hoped local people at Lynmouth would be able to be background extras inside the film.

Reece said: "It's a 15 minute short film and the time length is perfect for taking it to film festivals.

"My end goal is to show this to TV companies and hopefully turn it into a TV show. We want to try and find our way into that sort of category, with a quirky wicked sense of humour and making the audience engage."

Reece said Lynmouth was a friendly place with a good community and a 'beautiful ascetic' that fitted their story very well.

He added: "I just immediately fell in love with the location and said I wanted to film here. We went to quite a few locations and nothing stood out like Lynmouth.

"The community is really tight-knit, which is nice to see in the modern age. Every time we have gone there I have been shocked at how beautiful the place it."

If you'd like to donate to the crowdfunder, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/deadweight-film and keep up to date with Deadweight news and giveaways on the Deadweight Facebook page.