Barnstaple restaurant, the Custom House, is marking 40 years since ‘The King’s’ death with a special Dead Elvis burger.

A Barnstaple restaurant is marking 40 years since 'The King of Rock and Roll's' death with its special burger for the month - the Dead Elvis.

The Custom House has run the burger in tribute to 'The King' every August since it opened, to mark Elvis Presley's death on August 16.

Based on Elvis' favourite combination, the burger is a sweet and salty combination of banana, peanut butter and bacon, atop a classic cheeseburger.

Custom House owner Matt Spencer said: "It's one of the first 'out there' combinations we put out in the restaurant.

"Elvis was renowned for being the burger king, we wanted to create the Elvis burger with the banana and peanut butter, and threw some bacon in there as well.

"When we first put it out, we didn't expect many people to go for it, but at least someone on every table usually orders it."

The Dead Elvis Burger at the Custom House in BarnstapleThe Dead Elvis Burger at the Custom House in Barnstaple

For a chance to win two Dead Elvis burgers at the Custom House, visit our Facebook page after 6pm tonight (Friday, August 11) and see our pinned post.