Day in court for council tax couple

Barnstaple couple who refuse to pay council tax receive summons for magistrates court.

A Barnstaple couple will be in court on Tuesday, September 4 after refusing to pay their council tax to North Devon Council.

Julia Daunt and partner Paul Fiddian of Barbican Close say their garden has been left contaminated following clearance work on the former gasworks site next door.

They allege the council did not carry out adequate monitoring of the work during the planning process and say they will not pay up until the council cleans up their garden or pays for the work.

The 12.15pm hearing at North Devon Magistrates is for non payment of council tax totalling �893, although the summons does not require the couple to attend.

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“Obviously we will be attending and in force, putting our case forward as best we can,” said Julia.

“We will be fighting it and we intend to refuse payment whatever the court says.”

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Julia had previously said she would be willing to go to prison rather than pay up.

She has set up a Facebook page called ‘No Taxation Without Remediation’ and said they would like to see as much public support as possible at the court on the day of their hearing.

“I intend to use the Human Rights Act, in particular the right to enjoy my home,” she said.

“The council think I am in the wrong because I owe them money, but they are in the wrong by making people live on land that is contaminated.”

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