‘D-Day training’ for Braunton pupils

Youngsters learn about the area’s part in the build up to the most famous operation of World War Two.

PUPILS from Caen Community Primary School in Braunton have recreated their own version of the World War Two D-Day landings – with a little help from the experts.

As part of learning about the war and their local area, the pupils interviewed residents who remember the American soldiers living in Braunton.

Inspired by tales of GIs training on Braunton Burrows and local beaches, the children took part in a guided tour of the D-Day training sites, complete with handheld electronic GPS tour guides.

Much to their surprise, they were met by two marines from RMB Chivenor who quickly transformed the children into a ‘D-Day assault team’ before successfully leading their ‘assault and capture’ of Crow Beach.

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