Cyclist appeals for witnesses after ‘hit and run’

The 42-year-old was left with a sprained wrist and bruising after being thrown over the handlebars of his bike.

A CYCLIST is calling for witnesses to come forward after he was involved in a hit and run incident on a busy Bideford road in broad daylight.

David Sumpton, from Westward Ho! was left with a sprained wrist and bruised shoulders and hips after he was thrown five to 10 feet over his handlebars.

The 42-year-old told the Gazette there must have been at least 30 people in the street that could be potential witnesses to the accident.

The collision took place around 12.20pm on Tuesday, November 20, on The Quay in Bideford.

“I was cycling back from Barnstaple across the Long Bridge in Bideford and as I merged into the traffic I noticed this car right up behind me,” he said.

“It was tailing me the whole way, and whoever was behind the wheel was obviously driving very impatiently.

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“As we approached the choke point where the road narrows outside Chic-O-Land, there was no room for the car to go around me but it did anyway.

“I think the car was travelling at about 15-20 miles per hour when it hit me and I flew over the handlebars.

“They must have known they had hit me and I am sure I caused damage to the car when they did, but the driver just stepped on the gas straight away.”

Mr Sumpton is now urging anyone who saw anything to come forward to help find the driver.

He describes the car as a golden coloured saloon car, which is likely to have damage to the nearside wing mirror and possibly to the passenger door as well.

“Any detail you remember no matter how small could be invaluable in chasing down the driver,” said Mr Sumpton.

Earlier this month it was reported Olympic gold medal winner Bradley Wiggins was involved in a collision with a van in Lancashire.

The cyclist was believed to have suffered broken ribs and a dislocated finger in the accident.

Last month the Gazette reported how two cyclists were hit in the space of four days in the same spot in Barnstaple.

Police statistics show there were 19 collisions involving bicycles in North Devon from January 1 to October 31 this year. This compared to a total of 13 collisions in the whole of 2011.

Mr Sumpton is urging drivers to take more care around cyclists.

He said: “If we wobble it’s because we are avoiding something, not because we want to annoy drivers or make them slow down.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident can call the Police on the non-emergency 101 number.

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