Ilfracombe’s traffic “bugbear” continues to vex North Devon Council.

THE curse of a notorious area of traffic calming at the Cove car park in Ilfracombe looks set to continue after the latest measures installed were damaged.

The one way junction at the top of Marine Drive, site of the infamous mechanical bollard, is once again without traffic control after flow plates were damaged by people driving over them the wrong way.

The bollard was deactivated in 2006 after being blamed for damage to several cars. It enjoyed a brief renaissance last year before being replaced with the flow plates.

Nigel Young, North Devon Council parking services officer, said the drop plates had been installed to allow traffic to easily exit the car park, but prevent drivers from entering the same way.

“For safety reasons, these plates have had to be secured to the ground,” he said.

“This is because they were damaged by some drivers who ignored the one-way route and continued to drive over them in the opposite direction.

“The council is now looking for a suitable solution to ensure the one-way flow of traffic is appropriately managed in the future.”