Annie Lennox, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Michael Morpurgo and Andrew Marr are among those backing the £100,000 fundraiser by the Resurgence Trust.

A crowdfunding campaign to create a centre for education, environment and the arts in Hartland has been backed by a number of celebrities.

The campaign to raise £100,000 to transform the former Small School in Hartland has already been supported by Annie Lennox, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Michael Morpurgo and Andrew Marr, among others.

So far £39,895 has been pledged to The Resurgence Trust for the project, and the money raised will help create a permanent home for the charity as well as an office for its magazine, Resurgence.

The centre will run innovative courses on subjects such as protecting the environment and social injustice, as well as providing an outdoor classroom for forest school sessions.

The Trust will showcase green technologies as the site is redeveloped, and there will also be a sculpture garden and green space for everyone to enjoy.

Resurgence, which was founded by Satish Kumar 50 years ago, needs a new home to safeguard its future and growing activities.

The Small School in Hartland, which was founded by Mr Kumar in the early 1980s, but closed earlier this year.

The school’s buildings, centred around a 19th century chapel, are in need of major renovation.

Satish Kumar outside of the Small School building.Satish Kumar outside of the Small School building.

Mr Kumar said: “We want to make a new home for Resurgence in this much-loved space, continuing the spirit of the Small School and building a centre for education and the arts for future generations.

“The school buildings are in urgent need of renovation and unless we can find the funds, the community could lose them to private development.

“We want to save them from further decline and establish a thriving centre to serve the local community and continue our educational work in the wider world.”

Money raised from the crowdfunding campaign, which runs until December 13, will cover the cost of the renovations.

In return for pledges, people can receive anything from the current issue of Resurgence magazine to become a patron of the magazine, or a being business supporter.

For more information and to donate to the Resurgence ‘Building the Future’ Crowdfunder visit: