Jail for toothache attacker in North Molton

Aiden Boot

Aiden Boot - Credit: DC Police

A former carer has been jailed for attacking his partner in a drunken rage after using vodka to treat toothache. 

Aiden Boot downed a bottle of the spirits to numb the pain from a tooth abscess when he was unable to get to a dentist ten days into the first lockdown last year. 

He carried out two separate attacks on his partner Natalie Greenwood and smashed up the kitchen of their home in North Molton during a drunken rage. 

He put a hand around her throat and she feared he was trying to throttle her. She passed out during the attack in which he tried to bite her ear, dragged her around by her hair, and punched her repeatedly in the face. 

She locked herself in the bathroom and called the police, who had to taser Boot because he was so aggressive when they arrived. 

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He was initially spared jail after she wrote a letter to a Judge at Exeter Crown Court asking for mercy, but broke the terms of a suspended sentence by failing to attend appointments with the probation service. 

He missed a series of telephone sessions of an ‘emotional resilience’ course, claiming to be looking after his partner’s sick child, and walked out of a face-to-face meeting. 

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Boot, aged 32, of Hodson Close, Paignton, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, common assault, criminal damage, and obstructing police at his original sentencing hearing in August 2020. 

He admitted breaking the terms of the sentence when he returned to Exeter Crown Court, where Judge Peter Johnson activated 14 months of the 16 months which he previously suspended. 

He told him: “This was a serious matter of domestic violence against your partner and I made it clear that if you failed to comply with the requirements, you could expect the sentence to be activated. 

“You did breach it in December and February. It is not just that, it is your entire approach to the probation service that has made this order unworkable. There has been very limited compliance. 

“This was a very serious attack on your partner in which you squeezed her neck and bit her.” 

Miss Hollie Gilbery, prosecuting at the earlier hearing, said the attacks took place on the evening of April 2, 2020 and started with an argument which led to him punching and strangling her. 

She freed herself by digging her nails into his neck and the assault stopped. It resumed after she came back from a walk and he throttled her until she lost consciousness. 

She thought he was searching for pressure points on her neck and fled to the bathroom after breaking free. Boot refused to let police into the house and had to be tasered before he was arrested. 

Miss Judith Constable, defending, said Boot tried to work with probation but had problems because he looked after his partner’s child while she was at work at a hospital. 

Miss Althea Brooks, who represented him back in August told the earlier hearing that Boot carried out the assaults when he had used vodka to self-medicate while suffering from severe toothache from an abscess. 

She said he normally works as an end-of-life carer. 

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