Intruder who confronted widow 90 in her Landkey home is jailed

Exeter Crown Court

Exeter Crown Court - Credit: Archant

An intruder has been jailed after he came face to face with a horrified 90-year-old widow in the kitchen of her home. 

Paul Dymond broke into the pensioner’s house in Landkey, Barnstaple, and fled with items that included her late husband’s cufflinks and passport. 

He was shopped by his then girlfriend who realised he had been out stealing when he came back with a stolen rucksack. He became aggressive during an argument and she called the police. 

Dymond broke into the house during a 45-minute crime spree in which he also raided two parked cars; Exeter Crown Court was told. 

He has a history of drug abuse and had returned to using street drugs after a spell of treatment with the heroin substitute methadone. 

Dymond, aged 36, of Howard Avenue, Barnstaple, admitted burglary and two thefts and was jailed for eight months by Recorder Mr Simon Levene. 

He told him: “I appreciate you have had a rocky few years, but burglary of a dwelling at night, particularly when the owner is there and is an elderly woman living on her own, must get a prison sentence.” 

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Mr Paul Grumbar, prosecuting, said the victim called 999 after going into her kitchen at 9pm on November 25 last year and being confronted with a tall dark-haired man who told her he was homeless. 

She saw he had some belongings and he fled with them. Police received another call shortly afterwards from Dymond’s partner saying he had come back with a rucksack which she did not recognise. 

She told police they had argued because she accused him of going out thieving and that he had self-harmed. Items which were stolen in the burglary were found, including cufflinks and a passport. 

He claimed he had gone into the wrong property by mistake and that he had only entered a garage but his fingerprints were found in the kitchen. 

He has one previous conviction for burglary, one for robbery, and several for shoplifting. 

Mr Warren Robinson, defending, said the offences were not planned and Dymond had left the woman’s house as soon as she saw him. 

The burglary happened at a time when Dymond was using drugs and was unstable. He tried to stab himself in the stomach after committing the offence.

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