Temporary speed limit in place, with repairs expected to take some months, council says

Damage to the Kenwith Viaduct near Bideford will cost £500,000 to repair.

Devon County Council has put in a temporary speed limit on the A39 by the viaduct bridge until further notice.

It follows a routine inspection that discovered several cracks in the bridge expansion joint at the Bideford end.

The approach to the bridge has been reduced from 60 to 40mph, with a limit of 20 on the bridge itself - expected to rise to 40 again when protective plates are installed in the next few days.

The council has set aside the money to repair the bridge, but there is no exact indication when works will start.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, cabinet member for highway management, said: "It will take several months for our engineers to design and purchase the replacement joint and the speed restriction is required to safeguard highway users.

"I would ask everyone who uses this busy road to bear with us and abide by the speed limits which will only add a few moments to their journey."

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