There are 19 patients at North Devon District Hospital with Covid-19, according to the latest figures.

But the NHS England figures only show the number patients in hospital following a positive Covid-19 test who are currently occupying a bed - it does not necessarily mean they were admitted to hospital because of Covid.

Update: An earlier version of this article said nine people were being ventilated at North Devon District Hospital. This has been clarified to confirm nine people are occupying mechanical ventilation beds. The current number actually receiving ventilation has not been provided in the NHS England figures. We apologise if this has caused any confusion or distress.

The numbers show that as of Tuesday, November 10 - the most recent date the information is available for - there were 213 people in Devon’s hospitals.

Compared with the previous week’s figures, there were 43 in Torbay Hospital (up from 38), 69 at the Royal Devon and Exeter (38), 19 in NDDH (16) and 76 at Derriford in Plymouth.

Dr Paul Johnson, chairman of Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, told the Local Outbreak Engagement Board meeting on Thursday, November 12 that it wasn’t until the end of November that they expected to begin seeing the impact of the second lockdown and patient numbers begin to reduce.

But he said not all patients included in the figures were admitted for Covid-19.

He told the meeting the ‘breathing space’ they had in the first wave no longer existed and that hospitals are under more pressure that they were in the spring.

He added: “We are having to close some wards as people who when admitted, tested negative initially but have in subsequent screenings tested positive and when happens, they are usually on a non-Covid ward so that had implications around discharges and bed occupancy.”

Dr Johnson’s figures presented to the board showed 219 patients in hospital as of November 12 in Devon – slightly higher than the NHS England figures by trust which cover the Tuesday morning position.

In the last seven days, 12 people have died in hospitals in Devon following a positive Covid-19 test, with one in North Devon, three in Plymouth and Exeter, and five in Torbay.

But the numbers of patients in mechanical ventilation beds has fallen in the last seven days, with 17 as of November 10, compared to 18 as of November 3.

There was one patient in Torbay, two at the RD&E, five in Derriford and nine in North Devon District Hospital, with none in Cornwall.