Couple shocked over state of play park

After discovering the state of an abandoned play park, a family are trying to discover who is responsible for the poor state of the facility.

A COUPLE are concerned for the safety of children on their housing estate due to a play park left to fall into disrepair.

Kerry New and Chris Heuze moved to Eastridge View in East-the-Water just over a year ago, but were shocked to discover the state of the private play park recently.

Kerry said: “We had never been up there before, and were astounded when we went up to the park with the children and saw the state it was in.

“The tarmac has all been ripped up, there were obscene words written on the slide, the bench has been ripped out, the grass needs cutting.

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“It was just a mess; there are so many children on this estate and they have to play out in the road because of the state of the park.”

Kerry said that she will not let her eight-year-old daughter Alisha play in the area, for fear she will be harmed by the dangerous equipment.

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Her partner Chris was equally as dismayed by the state of the private play area.

He said: “The grass is all overgrown and it’s intimidating going up there, it’s just abandoned and been totally wrecked by what we assume are young people.

“It seems unfair that the play park next to it, managed by Torridge District Council, has recently been done up, when we are left with this mess.

“It’s dangerous having the kids playing on the road, we constantly have to keep an eye out as the cars come down there so fast, but there is nowhere else for them to go.”

East Ridge View and the private park were developed by David McClean, a company that went into administration in 2008.

Many of the McClean developments were bought by Elan Homes, but this development does not appear to have fallen into anyone else’s hands.

Torridge District Council confirmed that it also was not responsible for the park, which seems to have been left uncared for.

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