County council to consider supermarket applications

Artists' impressions of the Asda proposal (above) and the Morrisons proposal (below).

Artists' impressions of the Asda proposal (above) and the Morrisons proposal (below). - Credit: Archant

Revised applications for two new supermarkets in Barnstaple are back on the agenda.

TWO revised planning applications for new supermarkets in Barnstaple will be reviewed by Devon County Council’s development management committee tonight (Wed).

A decision on the applications for a Morrisons store on Braunton Road and an Asda store at Anchorwood Bank will be determined by North Devon Council’s planning committee on April 10.

The initial applications were rejected by the county council’s development management committee in November due to concern over highways issues and traffic congestion in particular.

Reports on each application by Dave Black, the county council’s head of planning, transportation and environment, suggested both developments would have a ‘real risk’ of an adverse impact on the ‘vitality and viability’ of Barnstaple town centre.

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The application for a Morrisons at the Evans Transport Site on Braunton Road is recommended by Devon County for refusal due to the traffic problems created.

The report suggested that should North Devon Council approve the application, these problems should be addressed through a Section 106 agreement.

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While concerns were raised over traffic issues regarding the Asda development, which also includes up to 350 new houses, a hotel, cafes and restaurants, the county council has not recommended refusal.

The report by Mr Black recommeded that should the application be approved, the Section 106 should address the highways issues as well as incorporate funds for a new school in west Barnstaple.

Brian Greenslade, county councillor for Barnstaple North, said: “I am not a member of the planning committee for either Devon County Council or North Devon Council.

“However as the local member for the application for a new supermarket on Braunton Road I welcome the advice of the Devon County Council planning officer to refuse permission.

“In my view the application cannot address the traffic problems such a development would create and would cause congestion along Braunton Road and Rolle Street, back to Mermaid Cross as well and put pressure on the Western Bypass.

“It would also be very detrimental to the residents I represent on Braunton Road.

“It is simply not the right site for such a development.”

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