Ilfracombe guest house owner has won five shows in a row so far ...

AN Ilfracombe guest house owner is climbing the conundrum pyramid after winning five Countdown shows in a row.

The North Devon Gazette reported in November how Rod Chatfield, 54, of Varley House, was about to set off and film his first stint for the Channel 4 letters and numbers game show presented by Nick Hewer and Rachel Wiley.

Since then, he has won five games and will reappear on television screens at 3.10pm on Monday, January 6.

Rod, who travelled up to Salford along with his wife Helen, to film the episodes, has developed something of a reputation as a ‘come back king’ on the show.

“During the first game I was 18 points behind and came back to win it with a double conundrum,” he said.

“On the fifth one, I got a nine letter word, which is worth 18 points too, and I was 16 behind. It can be quite nervous, your hands sweat like anything and your mind just goes blank at times.”

Rod said they received a warm welcome at the television studio and everyone was very friendly: “We had Giles Brandreth in ‘dictionary corner’ for the first two shows, then Dan Walker the sports presenter, who was very nice and often came over to talk to us – we discussed a lot of football. There was a good friendship among a lot of the contestants as well.

“I was hoping to win one and ended up winning five so far, which was a lot more than I’d hoped to achieve.”