Councillors says no one is taking responsibility for fly tipping and mess at vacant A39 layby.

Overflowing bins, fly-tipping and the possibility of travellers moving in are just some of the concerns one councillor has raised about a vacant lay-by on the A39.

County and district councillor Robin Julian has branded the state of the Rooksbridge lay-by near Barnstaple ‘disgusting’

On a trip to the site, he pointed out numerous discarded fast food wrappers, packs of unopened food, plasterboard and even dumped gas canisters.

He said: “Yes, people should take their rubbish home – but there should be facilities for it here too. These bins are full.

“What will tourists think when they stop here and see all this mess? They will just drive on.

“Everybody is just saying ‘it’s not my problem’ – that is not what councils are elected to do.”

Earlier this year Devon County Council evicted Jan’s Diner from the Rooksbridge Picnic Area due to funding cuts, and said it planned to sell the site.

Cllr Julian said he feared the vacant site would now ‘attract the wrong attention’.

“People are already fly-tipping here,” he said. “Next there will be travellers moving in. We simply cannot have that with their children and dogs running around near this busy road; it’s not safe.”

Cllr Julian will be bringing the matter up at the next county council meeting on October 1.

He added: “I would urge everyone to write to the councils about this lay-by and complain.”