A Bideford town councillor has suggested meetings should be recorded to provide a ‘true record’ of proceedings.

A BIDEFORD town councillor has suggested the council ‘moves into the 21st century’ by recording its meetings.

Councillor Andy Powell asked councillors at Bideford Town Council’s full meeting on Thursday to consider the option with a budget of £750.

He said it would provide a ‘true record’ of proceedings and members of the public could purchase a recording for a charge of £5.

But councillors had a number of concerns regarding the legal footings of recording the meetings, including closed, part two sessions.

Councillor Anne Brenton called the motion ‘premature’, saying the council should seek further advice before agreeing.

One councillor dismissed the idea altogether, claiming it was a waste of tax payers’ money.

“I don’t think it will help Bideford at all,” said Councillor Tony Inch.

“I’d rather give the £750 to the Food Bank; that would be money well spent.”

But some councillors welcomed the idea of moving ahead with the times.

“This is the 21st century, and it would be nice to see the town council move forward, even if only to the 20th century,” said Councillor David Howell.

Councillors amended Cllr Powell’s motion to consult with other councils already recording meetings to find out more about the legal implications. Five councillors voted against, and 10 for the amended motion.