Councillor goes ‘under cover’ to catch dog poo pests

I’ll do whatever it takes, says fed up ward member.

A NORTH Devon Councillor says he is prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ to shop dog walkers who don’t clear up after their animals.

Fremington ward member Cllr Frank Biederman says he is even prepared to go under cover to help the council prosecute a minority of irresponsible pet owners who give the majority a bad name.

He said dog fouling gripes make up more than half of the complaints he receives from members of the public.

“Nearly every other call you get is about dog poo – it’s the number one complaint and there are really no excuses for it at all.

“I’ve been a postman for 20 years and I come across it on a daily basis so I can sympathise with people.

“You can’t go 500 yards without seeing it. It affects the whole area really, particularly the pavements around the school and Beachfield play area, and the pathway in Griggs Field.”

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Mr Biederman said he was going to make the issue his priority in Fremington and would be working closely with the environmental officer who carries out under cover work on the council’s behalf.

“I’m even prepared to go under cover myself,” he said.

“The parish and district councils spend a lot of money supplying dog bins and paying people to go around emptying them. The parish council even gives away free dog poo bags.”

The district council said it had a dog warden service, but it was impractical for wardens to permanently watch hot-spot areas in the hope of witnessing irresponsible owners.

It is urging residents to report incidents, so that cases can be built against the owners. This means gathering descriptions, names or addresses of culprits, so that action can be taken against them.

Dog owners who are caught face a fixed penalty fine of �75, which is reduced to �65 if they pay within 14 days. However, if the fine isn’t paid, the owner can be taken to court and prosecuted.

To report a dog fouling offence, phone 01271 388870 or email

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