Pilot scheme to be introduced for three-weekly black bin collection?

North Devon councillors have voted unanimously in favour of charging residents for a green waste collection – a change set to be rolled out across the district by next April ‘at the earliest’.

It is thought that households will be charged an extra £36 a year should they want to opt in to the service.

The council also decided to introduce a weekly food waste collection, as well as approve plans to collect black bins every three weeks instead of every fortnight, although a pilot scheme will be run in two areas before a final decision is made for the rest of the district.

The pilot areas are still to be decided by Councillor Rodney Cann, the council’s elected member responsible for waste and recycling.

The council said there would be an emphasis on education and community compost schemes could be set up to encourage people to recycle their own green waste.

The changes – one of three options debated at this morning’s executive committee meeting – also include an enforced zero side waste policy but no restriction on the amount of cardboard that will be collected.

They will help the council save £340,000 a year and meet a Government recycling target of 50 per cent by 2020.

In July, the council’s elected member responsible for waste and recycling said he was ‘not convinced’ that a three-weekly black bin service would work.

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