Motion at full North Devon Council meeting calling for commissioners to give assurances is unanimously passed.

North Devon Council will be looking for assurances from the NHS commissioners that acute services at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) will be 'fully sustained' into the future.

The council unanimously agreed a motion from Councillor Brian Greenslade at a full meeting on Wednesday, calling for Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG) to attend a future meeting and give assurances that services will be 'properly financed and resourced into the future'.

There were fears in North Devon that key services would be cut, but an STP review released in June confirmed stroke, A and E and maternity services would remain at NDDH.

The council will now seek assurances that they will be protected in the long term.

Councillor Greenslade said: "I think we were all quite pleased when the acute services review was announced and services we were concerned about losing at North Devon District Hospital would be retained.

"I think the NHS is under hammer blows to save money and I really am concerned with what is good news that we don't get ourselves into a lull and think it will continue as we would like it.

"We should seek commitments from the CCG that services will not only be retained but properly financed and resourced into the future."

Councillor Frank Biederman was concerned that there is still an overspend on resources across the health service in Northern Devon.

He said: "I think the crux is as far as I see it, there's still £550 million to save. How are they going to do that with all acute services retained?

"That's what we need to find out: how they are going to square it all off?"