Cost of academy is being kept from us


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The cost of the proposed Route 39 Academy remains a mystery. I have earlier stated that the total cost of the scheme may be in excess of £15million and I have received no communication to challenge my statement.

I have asked the chairman of Route 39 governors to provide a figure for the amount expended on development of the scheme to the end of April 2013.

He is unable to do so and has referred me to the Department for Education in London where financial records are maintained.

A Mr Thompson has been contacted at the Department of Education. He has been asked to provide the information which I require, but this seems to be a state secret.

He refuses to release any financial information on the grounds that: “The Department’s view is that the balance of public interest falls in favour of applying the exemption from the Freedom of Information Act in relation to the information requested.”

Thus the public have no means of assessing the cost of setting up the proposed Route 39 Academy.

It is a disgrace that taxpayers have no means of obtaining information as to the costs of this scheme. For any other expenditure of public money on this scale, full financial information would be provided.

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So much for open and transparent decision-making and accountability!

I suggest that the local media demand to know precisely how much this potentially wasteful scheme is going to cost and how much money has been expended to date.

Roy Turner

Buck’s Cross

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