Join the Big Pilgrimage for Peace on Saturday at the top of Holdstone Down and connect with the ‘space people’.

People will be gathering at Holdstone Down in Combe Martin on Saturday for the annual Big Pilgrimage for Peace event, said to 'tap into cosmic energies'.People will be gathering at Holdstone Down in Combe Martin on Saturday for the annual Big Pilgrimage for Peace event, said to 'tap into cosmic energies'.

PILGRIMS from far and wide will descend on Holdstone Down in Combe Martin this Saturday in a bid to send out positive cosmic energy to the world with the help of beings from outer space.

Visitors at midday will see a large crowd of people form a prayer circle at the top of the hill and chant in unison as part of the Big Pilgrimage for Peace event organised by the Aetherius Society.

Anyone is welcome to join this unusual activity, which unknown to most has taken place on the hill annually since the 1950s and is based on the teachings of Dr George King.

Every year pilgrims come to the spot overlooking the sea, saying they use yogic techniques of prayer, mantra and energy manipulation to send out positive energy to the world. A 'mantra team' of 150 people will chant in a horseshoe circle around what they say is a spiritual energy battery.

It is believed the 'space people' will then send out the energy to where it is needed in the world, such as the aftermath of natural disasters or war zones.

In 1958 Dr King climbed Holdstone Down, which he claimed was at the instruction of a cosmic intelligence, who sent streams of spiritual energy into the hill, making it a 'forever holy' place. His quest through Operation Starlight, as he termed it, saw him climb another 18 peaks around the world.

He even bought a house in Combe Martin, overlooking the beach, which he used as a base for easy access to Holdstone Down.

A large cairn of stones at the top is thought to have been started by this movement and today it is said to be unlucky if visitors climbing the hill do not take a stone with them to add to the pile.

Katherine Armitage from Combe Martin, who is going to the event, said Dr King was a master of yoga who had designed special 'radionic equipment' that could be charged with high potency energy: "This technology may sound far-fetched but George King was an extraordinary man who practiced yoga for 10 hours a day as well as doing a day job," she said.

"He was like the Galileo of our times. Galileo was much ridiculed in his time and people with similar beliefs were persecuted. George King was also ridiculed and people misunderstood his association with space people in 'space craft', who have our best interests at heart.

"If you are excited about the idea of doing something potently positive for the world why not come and experience for yourselves how these techniques work on Holdstone Down at midday on Saturday? Put your scepticism to one side and experience the magic of prayer power."

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