Three more care homes in North Devon and Torridge have confirmed outbreaks of coronavirus in the past month to bring the total to 12.

The latest figures from Public Health England show only a small increase in the numbers since the last update for the previous month.

The PHE numbers show up to May 24 there had been coronavirus outbreaks in seven of North Devon’s 32 care homes and five Torridge care homes out of 33 had reported an outbreak.

That means since April 27, one more home in North Devon has declared an outbreak and two more in Torridge.

There were 10 Covid-related deaths in North Devon care homes up to May 15 and eight in Torridge, a total of 18 compared with 21 hospital deaths across the two districts and two in private homes.

The number of affected care homes in North Devon represents 21.9 per cent of the total in the district and in Torridge it is 15.2 per cent.

In the South West, only East Devon has a lower percentage at 13.5 but it has more than double the number of care homes at 74 and has reported 10 outbreaks.

Nationally, just over a third of care homes have reported an outbreak of coronavirus.